Japanajuku Sales 2~

10 Jan

I’m back with you all, with another sales post. I will keep this one updated and upped every chance I have more items to sell. I do not ship to Louisiana residents(due to bad businesses in the past) or to the Middle East. At this time, I can’t do refunds. If you want insurance, it will be included with the price of your item(s). Free shipping to those within the U.S. and on orders over $40. International shipping is $10USD. I do not smoke or have pets. If you find something that you would like to buy, please email me at [removed, received too much spam]. Please do not leave your Paypal email in this blog. I accept checks and money orders too. Feel free to ask me anything, concerning what you see here. Thank you~

You can find my items on my Storenvy.


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